Factors That Can Help Prove Your Innocence in a Road Accident

Factors That Can Help Prove Your Innocence in a Road Accident

Car accidents can lead to minor scratches and dents, or can sometimes even claim lives. Road accident is amongst the top 10 causes for loss of life globally, claiming more than a million lives annually. Road accident can occur for a number of reasons including human error, mechanical failure, and environmental factors at play. Mechanical failures can be avoided by conducting regular maintenance of the vehicle. As far as environmental factors are concerned, there’s is no way anyone can control it. The only remaining factor that one has control over is human error.

Almost always, owing to any of the factors, there are innocent lives involved in an accident. The drivers or the owners of the vehicles involved in an accident are liable to compensate for the losses caused by the collision. These compensations are not to be paid by the innocent. There are a few guidelines to prove the innocence of an individual involved in an accident while making claims.

Tailgating is a Violation of Traffic Rules

According to the motor vehicle act, tailgating in British Columbia is a punishable offense. The vehicles using roads are required to maintain a safe distance from the vehicles ahead and behind. If the vehicle that you have been in a collision with had hit you from behind, it is pretty easy to make up the case in tailgating frame. You can ask your lawyer to help you make your claim and prove your innocence in this regard.

Jumping a Signal Can Make It Difficult

Road safety is controlled by road signals. These signals are essentially meant to guide the drivers and pre-empt them of any prevailing conditions on road. Often the vehicles collide while jumping a signal. Almost all the signaled crossings in British Columbia are fitted with cameras. You can demand access for the video proof of your innocence if the other party had jumped the signal.

A right of Way for Every Road User

The roads are marked with different road signs and guiding symbols. Every road user has an obligatory duty to follow these markings and signs. Fulfilling these duties also ensures the right of way for every user. This article https://www.preszlerlawbc.com/services/icbc-claims/ explains what you should do following a road accident and how you can ensure that you are compensated for your loss and not fined for your innocence.

Keeping a Note of the After-Events and the Individuals Involved in the Road Accident

Road accidents are pretty common and occur almost all the time somewhere around the country. One important action that can significantly increase your chances for proving your innocence and claiming a just compensation is to keep notes. Keeping notes of the driver and owner details of all the vehicles, the damage caused insurance and vehicle details, time of the accident, and place of the accident. These notes will later help to make the claim with the insurance company as well as prove your innocence in the court.

Making a claim is not difficult at all, but receiving justified compensation for the losses and damages requires a little patience and perseverance.

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