Bucket List Activities You Can Do in Pattaya

Bucket List Activities You Can Do in Pattaya

There are few holiday locations that are more beautiful than Pattaya on the island of Phuket, which is why it attracts visitors from across Thailand, the United States, and beyond. It's a resort that has something for people of all ages, from some of the best bars and nightclubs in Asia to glorious golden beaches, great restaurants, and areas of outstanding natural beauty. It also offers unique opportunities to carry out once-in-a-lifetime activities that will always remain in memory. Here are three such bucket list activities that can make a visit to this special resort even more special.

Bucket List Activities to Do in Pattaya


Propose by a Phuket Sunset

Sunsets have a beautiful, almost magical quality, and this is amplified when you see the sun setting into the Andaman Sea, its golden rays shimmering across the azure surface that it's famed for. There's no more romantic setting in which to propose to the one you love, and of course, this makes it much more likely that they'll say that life-changing word, 'yes'. An ocean view hotel Pattaya, such as the luxurious yet great value Holiday Inn, is the perfect spot from which to make this grand gesture, and it's also a perfect place for a beach wedding, which is another bucket list activity that Pattaya is perfect for.

Swimming with the Turtles

Swimming with dolphins is to be found on almost any bucket list, so why not try something a little different and swim with sea turtles? Sea turtles are among the most amazing creatures on our planet, as their origins date back around 100 million years, which means they were still swimming in our seas when the dinosaurs became extinct. Many of them live to be well over a hundred million years old, and they can become vast in size. You can go on organized sea turtle safaris from Pattaya, and this includes an opportunity to swim alongside them. They're peaceful yet awe-inspiring creatures and their true beauty become clear as they glide majestically through the water.

Learn Thai Boxing

Vacations can be a great time to relax, but some people prefer action to relaxation, and what better way to keep fit and exercise on the island of Phuket than to take part in some Thai boxing? Thai boxing has become popular across the world and has helped to inspire the modern phenomenon of mixed martial arts sports such as the UFC. You can take part in Thai boxing, known locally as Muay Thai, sessions in the gym or even outdoors, and you'll be taught defensive moves and offensive moves involving feet and hands. Don't worry, safety is paramount in these sessions, but you're sure to come back leaner and fitter and with a brand new interest.

Swimming with turtles and learning Muay Thai moves in the homeland of the sport are activities worthy of being on any bucket list, and of course, a beachfront proposal truly is a once in a lifetime event. These are just a few of the great things you can do in Pattaya, but if you want to simply lie back and relax on the beach that's a fine way to spend your time too.

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